FODZYME® makes food painless in the UK with FODMarket

FODZYME® makes food painless in the UK with FODMarket

Scones, shortcakes, light sandwiches with a variety of fillings (and much more than afternoon tea) just became painless for all Brits and all residents of the United Kingdom. 


Specifically for folks with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and other digestive issues, it means that they can now make their food painless with a simple sprinkle of FODMAP-targeting enzyme powder, also known as FODZYME®.


FODZYME® is thrilled to have partnered with FODMarket, the UK's first online store dedicated to supplying a multi-brand variety of low-FODMAP food products for people living with IBS and similar digestive health issues.


Having been available to order online in many international locales, as well as in retail in Australia, FODZYME® is now available from the UK-based low-FODMAP e-tailer and can be delivered in as little as 1 day.*

About FODMarket

FODMarket is a family-run business and is the UK's first online store dedicated to supplying a multi-brand variety of low FODMAP food products for people living with IBS and similar digestive health issues.


FODMarket’s mission is to bring together research-based solutions for people suffering from gut health issues. They recognise that FODMAPs are only one element of a multifaceted approach, so continue to look for innovative solutions for their customers.

FODMarket & FODZYME® synergy

Good ideas are often born out of necessity to solve a problem. Even better ideas are born when you’ve experienced that problem on your own skin. As you may already know, FODZYME® was developed when Anjie, the CEO of Kiwi Biosciences, was diagnosed with IBS and discovered how extremely hard it is to comply with the recommended solution, which is the low FODMAP diet. 


She realised that she had to avoid a ton of foods she loved, and faced accepting the fact she may never enjoy those foods normally again. That’s when she decided to address the problem directly, rallying up a team of scientists to develop an enzymatic solution that allowed her, and other folks alike, to eat those foods, get the beneficial nutrients, and still enjoy life free of gut distress.


An IBS sufferer alike, Lance, the co-founder of FODMarket struggled daily with gut-related issues for 15 years, failing to find a solution. He was introduced to the low-FODMAP diet by a gastroenterologist in London. For Lance, the diet changed his life – when followed strictly, it helped him understand his triggers and gave him control over his symptoms.


Once Lance had tailored his diet, he was left with the problem that meals were either bland or took too long to prepare from scratch which meant following the diet with a busy lifestyle was almost impossible. This led to the founding of - a one-stop shop for low FODMAP supplies from around the world. Now tasty, healthy meals can be prepared quickly, so a FODMAP tailored diet can be followed easily.


Naturally, following a low FODMAP diet strictly can definitely help you manage your symptoms better and regulate your digestion. But what is life without pizza? While fast-fermentable fibres like FODMAPs promote healthy digestion, they can also cause trouble for people with increased gut sensitivities. The usual approach involves identifying individual triggers and limiting their intake, if not restricting them altogether, as part of a low-FODMAP diet.


Luckily, an enzymatic approach can enable people to receive the benefits of these foods without having digestive discomfort, pain or other symptoms. It’s important to remember that certain enzymes are designed specifically to address particular FODMAP groups. 


FODZYME® is the world's first enzyme blend to directly tackle the FODMAPs fructan, GOS, and lactose. If you are wondering about polyols, we are working on a novel polyol-targeting enzyme as we speak. Our enzymes are very specialised proteins produced by microorganisms that break down specific substrates, in this case, FODMAP molecules.


FODZYME® works as you digest your meal by breaking down the FODMAPs into simple sugars that are quickly absorbed in the small intestine, effectively eliminating the FODMAPs in your gut.


Having been available in the US over a year and in Australia since March 2022, FODZYME® is now available directly from FODMarket, our first official stockist in the United Kingdom. Make your food painless today - try FODZYME®’s magic for yourself.  



* With priority dispatch fast delivery, from £6.95

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