Challenges we face on a low FODMAP diet

Challenges we face on a low FODMAP diet

When IBS patients commence a low FODMAP diet for the management of IBS symptoms, it doesn’t take long for them to recognize how restrictive the diet is.

Many foods which form a part of a balanced diet suddenly appear on the 'can't have’ list, making the prospect of consuming an enjoyable meal a perceivably impossible pursuit.


Grocery shopping on a low-FODMAP diet


The strict low FODMAP elimination diet regimen makes grocery shopping and eating out very overwhelming, bringing on feelings of disappointment, stress, and anxiety for most.

The low FODMAP diet is the most clinically proven dietary protocol for the management of IBS symptoms, with up to 86% of IBS patients experiencing symptom relief on the elimination diet (1).

The team at FodShop has brought together a wide range of low FODMAP-approved food products which are safe to consume as part of a low FODMAP diet regimen, that aren’t only scientifically determined to be suitable, but they’re also delicious!

What is FodShop?


FodShop is the world’s first online FODMAP expert Commercial Nutritionist-run shop and gastroenterology resource, supplying more than 2,000 low FODMAP approved food products from more than 500 local & international brands, additionally meeting various food intolerance, allergen-friendly, and nutrition requirements.

FodShop’s tag filtering system enables website visitors to search products by medical condition and dietary & lifestyle choice. The range can also be triaged by brand and grocery category.

The shop also has a physical store presence within its Cheltenham VIC warehouse in Melbourne, Australia, enabling patients to come and visit the team to obtain

product advice from our in-house nutrition team, and purchase food products directly off the shelves of the warehouse.

There is something for everyone, no matter your food intolerance, food allergy, or personal, ethical, religious and/or lifestyle choices.

How are low FODMAP food products assessed for suitability at FodShop?

FodShop’s range constitutes products that are either laboratory tested and certified low FODMAP by the Monash University Low FODMAP Certification Program or The FODMAP Friendly Food Program, or they have been determined to be low FODMAP based on their ingredients & serving size, based on commercial FODMAP expert Nutritionist assessment.

The products selected are also tasty, quick to prepare, and enable easy access to convenience during a busy working week, covering a range of no garlic no onion cooking sauces, ready-to-eat meals, healthier snacks, nutritional supplements, and more.

FODZYME® by Kiwi Biosciences is now available at FodShop Australia NZ

FodShop is proud to have recently launched FODZYME®, Australia NZ’s first range of scientifically validated digestive enzymes which enable those following a low FODMAP diet to enjoy high FODMAP foods again!

It has been recently certified by MONASH University and is designed to specifically address all FODMAP groups, aside from polyols (a polyol solution is currently in development, by the way).

FODZYME® comes in powder form and breaks down FODMAPs directly when mixed with or sprinkled on high-FODMAP foods, before they reach the large intestine. The reason FODZYME has stepped away from capsules is that powder, in its simple form, is much more effective: it incorporates with food immediately for the enzymes to get to work instantly.

The enzyme blend contains a unique formulation of inulinase, lactase and alpha-galactosidase, that breaks down fructans (found in foods like garlic, onion and wheat), lactose (found in cheese, buttermilk and other dairy products) and galacto-oligosaccharides (in legumes and nuts) into their individual constituents during a meal.

The enzymes are derived from microorganisms that have been used in beverages & foods for thousands of years and are safe for human consumption. In an in-vitro study, FODZYME® demonstrated that it was able to work effectively in the temperature and gastric pH of the stomach, providing rest assurance that the formulation reaches the site of action without being degraded or destroyed (with ~90% of the inulin degraded within 30 minutes).

FodShop’s Partnership with Kiwi Biosciences

FodShop is proud to be partnered with Kiwi Biosciences for IBS Awareness Month 2022 and beyond.

FODZYME® can help you bring the foods you love back into your diet. It’s very easily incorporated into the FODMAP diet as it may assist in liberalising the range of foods, otherwise eliminated as a strategy to reduce FODMAP-induced symptoms. That’s right, you can now eat a meal containing garlic and onion when you sprinkle FODZYME® on your food before eating! One dose is recommended for most meals, but if you're eating for more than 30 minutes, you can add another one halfway through your meal.

The effective, targeted approach has already shown efficacy in preliminary studies, demonstrating reduced gas production, diarrhoea and flatulence (2). The FodShop team is excited to continue to follow developments in the clinical research underpinning the efficacy of FODZYME®.


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